1998-1999 Canucks EHM Road to the Sedins

Discussion in 'User GM Modes' started by Sans, Oct 17, 2016.

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    I'm a lazy ************ so I didn't do the Dallas one long. Had no passion to do it, this seems fun though so I'll give it a shot. Obviously the entire draft this year is super weak so really I'll just tank, and hopefully finish 3rd worst in the NHL (Winnipeg and Minnesota isn't supposed to be in the game, but they still are for some reason so they start with super shit players so they are always last), then make trades to acquire #1 and #2 so I'll get the Sedin's 100%.

    Hopefully it doesn't take them as long in this as it did in real life for them to click, if I get them going fast I feel like we'll have an offensive dynamo for years to come.

    I'll just post our lines when I can. I have boxing now though.

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