5 years after the 2017 NHL Draft (Based on my latest Mock Draft)

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    :col- Nolan Patrick 90, Plays his first year and does mediocre with 39 points. After that year, he varies around 50-70 points per year. In the run for the Selke in years 3-5.

    :arz- Timothy Liljegren 87, Stuggles staying on the Coyotes roster in year 1 spliting time between them and the AHL. However, in his somephore year he explodes and and gets 55 points playing with OEL. After that, he is a constant 40-55 point guy.

    :nyi- Nico Hischier 90, Makes the Islanders day 1, and wins rookie of the year scoring 64 points. After that he has a pretty bad somphore slump scoring only 41 points. However, after the slump he does very well for the Isles being a scoring 60-75 points for them in the future.

    :oakland- Gabriel Vilardi 86, Gets to play in the first 9 games for the Knights, but scores 0 goals, and gets 1 assist getting sent back down to Windsor. Next year same situation except he gets 1 goal, and 1 assist, and gets sent down again to Windsor. After all that mess, he finnally gets a full time spot on the Knights 3rd line for year 3-4. Then in Year 5, he has his breakout year scoring 52 points for the Knights, and the team is looking forward to the possible super star.

    :buf- Nicolas Hague 88, Stays in the OHL for year 1, but in year 2 he gets to play on the top 6 for the whole year doing pretty well defensively, but in scoring he gets 5 goals, and 5 asssits. However in year 3 he breaks out while playing top 2 minutes with Ristolainen and gets 45 points. In the future years he scores 30-47 points per year.

    :det- Eeli Tolvanen 88, Plays for BU for 2 years, and in his first year in the NHL in year 3 he gets 32 goals for the Wings. From then on, he usually gets 30+ goals, and gets about 50-65 points per year.

    :win- Casey Mittelstadt 84, Plays 2 year for the University of Minnesota, after that he signs with Winnipeg, but only plays for the AHL for 2 more years gets a occasional call up every once in a while, but scores no points. In his 5th year he finally gets a spot and scores 42 points to set himsef to be a possible good player.

    :dal- Callan Foote 86, Plays 9 games for the Stars year 1, but gets set back down to Kelowna. From years 2-5 he keeps a top 4 spot on the Stars being a solid top 4 defender for them varying from 20-40 points per year.

    :tbl- Juuso Valimaki 85, After 2 years for Tri-City the Lighting give Valimaki a top 6 spot on their team and performs very well. From Years 4-5 he becomes another solid top 4guy for the Lighting who gets a good 25-38 points a year.

    :nj- Owen Tippett 85, Plays for Missisuage for 2 more years, after that he plays for the Devils AHL team for 1 year doing amazing scoring 38 goals for the AHL team. In his first year he scores 22 goals, and gets 15 assists. From then on, he usaully gets 25+ goals for the Devils and varies in points from 35-48 points per year.

    :van- Michael Rasmussen 88, Rasmussen makes the Canucks day 1 and in his rookie debut he gets 25 points. But then, his sophomore year he breaks out and gets 58 points and turns into the teams future 1st liner. Now he's a big steal for the Canucks getting 30+ goals, and get about 60-70 points a year

    Going to get a bit lazy for the rest of these players sorry.

    :nas- Cody Glass 84, Developing for 4 years the Preds give Glass a shot on the 5th year and he get gets 50 points. A future star IMO :p.

    :flo- Nikita A. Popugayev 85, Plays 2 years in the WHL, then makes the Panthers squad in year 3, and gets 15 goals, and 15 assists. Years 4-5 he gets back to back 47 point seasons. (Random amIrite.)

    :ott- Cale Makar 74, Plays 4 years for Umass? Then finnally signs with the Sens and plays 1 year for the AHL team doing okay getting 20 points. Long road ahead for this prospect.

    :car- Martin Necas 77, BUST! Signs back to Czech Republic after his entry level contract expires.

    :los- Urho Vaakanainen 83, Makes the team in year 3 and plays for the top 6 for the Kings getting 10-20 points per year.

    :tml- Miro Heiskanen 82, Makes the Leafs top 6 in year 5 and turns into a really good top 6 defender for them, and could be a possible top 4 guy in the future.

    :cal- Klim Kostin 80, Went to the Kootenay Ice and did very well for them (10/10 writing). However, he doesn't make the NHL team until year 5 after Gaudreau gets his pinkie decapitated from someone stepping on it.

    :phi- Lias Andersson 81, Makes the team year 4. Does decent. BOOOREEED.

    :bos- Elias Pettersson 76, BUST! After 5 years in the Boston system they choose not to resign him, and he goes back to Sweden.

    :stl- Ryan Poehling 82, Plays 4 years in college, makes the team's 3rd line and does pretty good for them.

    :sjs- Matthew Strome 84, Makes the the year 3, and gets 32 points. Becomes a pretty good 3rd liner for the sharks usually getting 30-39 points per year.

    :edm- Luke Martin 70, Signs to Edmonton in year 3. However he sucks LOL.

    :ana- Issac Ratcliffe 83, Stud Muffin.

    :nyr- Nicolas Suzuki 84, A future 90 overall after having a great season in year 4 scoring 53 points.

    :pit- Kristian Vesalainen 75, OVERRATED!

    :chi- Kailer Yamamoto 84 IMO, but EA gives him 88, Gets an EA boost because he plays on Chicago.

    :mon- Alexander Chmelski 80, long development but will eventually turn into a pretty good second liner for a team.

    :cbj- Maxime Comtois 72, Columbus be like, WE MADE A MISTAKE!

    :min- Michael DiPietro 83, Matt Murray, Cam Ward in Year 5 for Minnesota.

    :wsh- Marcus Davidsson 79, Close to making a full-time 4th line spot on the Caps.

    If I feel like it I'll do better on the later picks stories.
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    Do 2016 draft players 5 years from now.
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    Perhaps I will.

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