Album Review: 13 Voices - Sum 41

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    Sum 41 are a pop punk band from Ontario Canada that started off strong and slowly fizzled away. My favourite Sum 41 albums were Does This Look Infected? and Chuck. Chuck veered quite far from the pop punk realm but IMO is their best album to date. Unfortunately after Chuck they went downhill...quite quickly. Underclass Hero was a total yawn fest and Screaming Bloody Murder was just not a very good album....13 Voices is supposed to be the comeback album for Sum it? Meh.

    The Good: When Sum 41 gets heavy they show flashes of their Chuck days, especially in tracks such as: Goddam I'm Dead Again, and Fake My Own Death . The heavier songs are the best songs on the album and make it better than their previous two releases. This album does hit a darker direction than their previous records which I also didn't mind.

    The Bad: Some of their slower songs remind me of the bore fest that was Underclass Hero...Some of the lyrics in their slower songs aren't as strong, they just seem like they are trying to hard to be deep. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Sum 41 has been accused on occasion of ripping off other bands, and of their older albums. 13 Voices sounds has similar melodies to Happiness Machine off their previous album.

    Overall Grade: C. Was this the comeback album of the year? Not exactly. You're mostly getting a slightly less interesting Sum 41 album. They have a couple decent songs here...but not enough to give it more than an average rating.

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