An Inside to British Hockey

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    The EIHL (Elite Ice Hockey League) is the British ice hockey league with 12 teams 6 from England 4 from Scotland 1 from Wales and 1 from Northern Ireland the league has 3 conferences 4 teams in each a cup event where 3 groups of 4 play there group twice home and away top 2 teams from groups go through and top 2 3rd place teams go through and a playoff where the top 8 league teams will qualify the league is very small and had over 900 thousand people attend last season 16/17 season I'm writing this to spread awareness of it existence since EA don't have us in NHL games.
    This is a quick inside to the league message me to know certain things you want to hear as well as the ex NHL players such as Eric Neilson and rookies making a name for themselves like Patrick Valcak Hope you have just learned about the league and hope you all enjoy off season see you all in august for ice time and remember always be part of the storm in the British hockey league seen see you soon

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