Buffalo GM Mode ep 18 - Discussion

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Johnny Superbman, Jan 27, 2016.

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    Johnny, first of all wow what an end to the season! Second of all, for the first round, please pay attention to the team meetings. That is the way to get through the Hurricanes.
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    Couple things here.
    1. New Gen garbage. I bought it watches this series as i always do and hated it. Not your fault just seems slow boring ect.
    Theres no story lines or fun in this. No hank hills or tim hortons like in past.

    2. For your next gm for all of us please go bsck to old gen and make it fun again.

    3. Off topic but for simulation in play offs so it normaly but if it goes into overtime go play it but do not pick a side change your camera angle to true broadcast. I tried it ans was in and out out of my seat. It felt like a real game. You can still call your time outs or set lines during key moments. Lile so Johnny sees!

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