Colorado GM second round playoffs recap

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    In last episode, :col beat :chi 4-2 series and move to second round. Today episode, :col will take on :stl.

    :stl dominate on defense but offense was kinda okay. Let's see how :col offense try to score goal on :stl defense. Let's begin Round two playoffs score recap.

    Game One: :col2-:stl1. Henrique got a two points on the game. :col lead 1-0 series
    Game two: :stl5-:col1. Not good by :col sim. Series tied at one
    Game three: :stl2-:col1. :col offense didn't chip on goal in first and second period. :stl lead 2-1 series.
    Game four: When GM superbman change :col lineup for offense and defense. Didn't work and :col offense is very quiet. :stl2-:col0. :stl lead 3-1 series.

    Game five: :col2-:stl0. :stl lead 3-2 series. :col offense wake up.
    Game six: :stl3-:col2. :stl score a three goals in the first period but :col score two goals but fall short. :stl beat :col 4-2 series.

    How many total goals for playoffs series game against blues: 12
    How many total goals against playoffs series against blues: 26 :bang

    In total playoffs games between :col and :stl. :stl lead 8-2 total series.

    You got ryan murray but you need a stud defense defenseman on a draft pick. You have to trade barrie and move up a draft pick. If you want to beat :stl on the playoffs next season. You need to improvement a defense and backup goalie.

    Year four Draft prospect players you should get:
    Edward Rosehill two-way forward Med franchise
    B.Rucchin defense defenseman Med top 4
    Lots of goalie was a med starter. that's it.

    Year four Free agent list:
    Rob O'Gara Defense Defenseman high top six. He want a between 5 or Six million dollars
    Peter grubauer for replace by pavelec

    Let's find out next episode on :col GM year four offseason and free agent.
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