Colorado GM year five offseason recap

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Matt Lee, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Now GM superbman wonder how :col offense, defense and goalie to make better in the offseason. Well you can't blame on :col roster but it's defense problem or sim problem.

    In resign phrase, GM superbman release marc staal because cap space ran out.

    Free agent: Maybe little sign for prospect AHL forward.

    Here is my advice to GM superbman:
    Trade pickard to the easteren conference who need a goalie.
    trade lind but he won't grow at all but Lind will stay 86 overall
    Trade Compher to somewhere because Voloshenko will be better overall than Compher

    Here is year six lineup
    1st line: Comtois, Patrick, Keller
    2nd line: Voutilainen, MacKinnon, drouin
    3rd line: Voloshenko, Henrique, Jost
    4th line: Kerdiles, Gauthier, Poirier

    1st pair: fowler, sanheim
    2nd pair: Merkley, Pouliot
    3rd pair: Barrie, karpovtsev

    Goalie: Samsonov, Dipenta
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