Colorado GM year four regular season recap

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    On free agent, GM superbman sign Adam Henrique for 2 years 16 million and he sign clayton keller for one year $3 million.

    Now, before start a year four regular season: TRADE TIME
    GM superbman trade a three prospect, Bouma and 2020 2nd round pick to maple leafs for Gauthier.

    Another trade: two prospect to dallas stars for 2020 3rd and 4th round pick.

    GM superbman put ryan merkley on top 2 pair with cam fowler at least five loss.

    Let's start a year four regular season recap:
    In October record: 5W-3L-1OTL
    In end of November record is 5W-5L-3OTL. The central division opponent record for :col 1W-5L-1OTL :nail

    Time to look regular season stats player:
    First line was up and down points. Second Line wasn't good except drouin. Bottom six was doing great.

    Here is my option for :col:

    Option A: New lineup
    First line: Patrick, Mackinnon, drouin
    Second line: Comtois, Henrique, Rantanen
    Third line: Compher, keller, Jost

    First pair: fowler, barrie
    Second pair: pouliot, merkley
    third pair: murray, bigras

    Powerplay second pair: Compher, barrie. Take off Ryan Merkley because his offense awareness is 84.

    Penalty kill first line:
    Option B: trade
    Trade compher for second left wing rental player

    Option C: trust your team to sim after all-star

    :col fan: pick your option and see you next time.

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