Colorado GM year three offseason recap

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    We're on Year three offseason with :col GM recap. Let's start year three offseason and free agent list recap.

    On the 1st round draft pick:
    With 15th overall draft pick, :col select A.Emelin med top 4 two-way defenseman
    With 18th overall draft pick, :col select G.Dipenta med elite Butterfuly goalie

    On the 2nd round draft pick:
    With 48th overall draft pick, :col select Milan Repik low top 6 two-way defenseman

    On the 4th round draft pick:
    With 109th overall draft pick, :col select M.Kaberle med 7th d two-way defenseman

    Let's talk about the free agent. There is a big fish on year three free agent list.

    Tyler Myers 87 overall two-way defender. He's 29 years old but :col defense prospect going to grow overall like pouliot, bigras, ryan murray and ryan merkley. I will said no for Tyler Myers including Niklas Hjalmarsson.

    Ryan Johansen as center or left wing but too many 1st line like Comtois will jump to 90 overall left wing playmaker. Same as Max freaking Pacioretty.

    I think one players who will be 2nd line center. It's Adam Henrique, he want a two years around 8.5 million. You could put him as 2nd powerplay and penalty kill line. :wow

    That's it but GM superbman didn't show prospect pool free agent list. Maybe depth forward and defenseman only one each

    Here is a year four regular season lineup
    1st line: Patrick, Mackinnon, rantanen/drouin:
    2nd line: Comtois, Henrique, rantanen/drouin
    3rd Line: compher, jost, Poirier
    4th line: Foligno, Cramarossa, Bouma

    1st pair: Cam fowler, Pouliot
    2nd pair: Barrie, Ryan Merkley/ murray ?
    3rd pair: Bigras, Ryan Merkley or murray

    What you guy think :col fans and analyst. Is this team will make a playoffs on year four regular season.
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