Colorado GM year three round one playoffs recap

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Matt Lee, Feb 25, 2017.

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    Welcome to year three round one playoffs with a Colorado GM mode. In :van lineups, they got awesome depth forward and defense including the rookie goalie.

    Let's start a year three round one playoffs against :van score recap:

    game one goes to :van win by three goals over :col. ONLY Nolan Patrick score by :col.

    Game two goes to :van win a shutout to :col. No goals for :col offense.

    Before game three start, GM superbman change a 5 on 5 lineup and powerplay as well.

    Game three goes to :van win in overtime by score 4-3 :col. :col did wake up in the 3rd period only three goals. :van lead 3-0 series

    In game four, :col offense start to wake up by score 4-1 over :van. :van lead 3-1 series
    In game five, :col win by score 2-1 over :van. :van lead 3-2 series
    In game six, :col score a touchdown over :van and :col start to comeback after down 3-0 series then tied series 3-3

    Game seven, :well the :van beat :col by score 2-1. :van win 4-3 series.

    Not sure if jost will make to second line center in the year four regular season. What about mikko rantanen, can mikko rantaen will move up to 1st line right wing over drouin?

    Dear GM superbman, as :col fans said "Keep the faith those players and check all of prospect grow overall in the offseason."
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    Only one emote this post. Definite improvement!
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    You should try to get Brock Boeser he's a solid player although I don't know how much trade value he has also it's pronounced Bes er

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