Colorado GM Year two regular season end recap

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    In the last episode before trade deadline. :col record is 30W-24L-7OTL: 67 pionts but close to made in wild card by two points :wow. :dal27W-22L-11 OTL: 65 points :yuck. This central division is very tight :cool:

    Today, GM superbman search a trade block to looking for 4th line and maybe backup goalie.

    First trade: he trade spencer martin, parikka unsigned and 2018 blue jackets 3rd round pick to :win for ondrej pavelec backup goalie. :cool:
    Second trade: he trade jean-Christophe beaudin ahl high top six forward to :cal for bouma ;)

    Now year two regular season is over. After trade deadline acquire pavelec and louma with record 11W-5L-5OTL: 27 points :rolleyes:. :col record 41W-29L-12OTL: 94 points clinch a second wild card spot since 2014:). By the way for :dal, after trade deadline with 12W-8L-2OTL: 26 points :eek: but didn't make a playoffs with 39W-30L-13OTL: 91 points :well.
    Can :col clinch first round playoffs against :stl after 2014 first round playoffs game seven lost to :min.

    Before start year two first round playoffs against st Louis blues on next video.

    Let's check end of regular season stats:
    :col Goals for per game: 2.96 in 9th place :D and goal against per game: 2.84 in 16th place :palm. Power play is 19.4% in 15th place :bag and penalty kill is 10th place with 81.7 :wow.

    For player stats: drouin, MacKinnon and Patrick made over 70 points :wow but 2nd line didn't put a lot of points only rantanen made 50 points o_O and 3rd line is tear it up with compher, jost and grigorenko :D. 4th line need to improvement on to playoffs :nail.

    On defense stats: pouliot 61 points and top four is great :) but top six defense is not okay points:nail.

    Goalie stats: calvin pickard has tear up in the regular season with .915 save % and 2.62 GAA:omg but pavelec play only 2 game :grumpy

    Here is my lineup for Colorado round one playoffs against blues. Keep the same but move compher up to 2nd line and aho down to 3rd line.

    If the playoffs injuries is on then here is a playoffs injuries lineups:

    1st line: Patrick, Mackinnon, drouin
    2nd Line: MAXIUM COMTOIS, Bonino, rantanen
    3rd Line: compher, jost, grigorenko
    4th line: aho, Desjardins, bouma
    depth: latta and Duncan siemens
    Defense is same

    1st powerplay: Patrick, Mackinnon, drouin
    1st pair powerplay: pouliot, barrie

    2nd powerplay: Maxium comtois, jost, compher
    2nd pair powerplay: bigras, aho or grigorenko

    4 on 4 1st line powerplay: Mackinnon, drouin
    4 on 4 1st pair: pouliot, barrie

    4 on 4 2nd line powerplay: jost, comtois
    4 on 4 2nd pair: compher, rantanen

    Penalty kill 1st line: bonnio, bouma
    1st pair line: barrie, zadorov

    2nd line penalty kill: Desjardins, comtois
    2nd pair penalty kill: pouliot, bigras

    GM Superbman, :stop and check on AHL regular stats then you will decide to BRING MAXIUM COMTOIS TO NHL PLAYOFFS or :punch not BECAUSE HE'S READY on 3rd line or 2nd line playoffs if injuries is on :). Bring one depth defenseman to call up.

    Good luck and make colorado weeds fan to :happy and:joy.
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    Doesent the other teams have to keep there good players and trade bad players and retain there salary cap alot and you have your best players after. If the gm trades JAGR they would have a 90% chanse to get all of the players from the wild to the wild. But when I play GM I would trade the other players for the the current Gen players like if Zdeno chara played for sens I would trade him to the bruins

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