Colorado year two offseason recap

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Matt Lee, Feb 11, 2017.

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    On the draft day, GM superbman want to get defenseman draft pick for trade.

    :col trade aho, girgorenko and 2018 2nd round pick to :nj for 2018 1st round 3rd pick with lovejoy and josefson.

    1st round:
    With a 3rd overall draft pick, :col select ryan merkley 79 overall :cool: but miss a dahlin 80 overall. Let's find out in year three preseason okay.
    with a 14th overall draft pick, :col select rodrigue high fringe starter hybid :rolleyes:
    With a 20th overall draft pick, :col select voutilainen low top six :D

    3rd round:
    with a 80th overall draft pick, :col select bergfors med fringe starter

    4th round:
    with a 110th overall draft pick, :col select Semenov 7th med offense defenseman :palm

    5th round:
    with a 140th overall draft pick, :col select jager ahl top six forward med :wtf

    Free agent:
    GM SUPERMAN, I REPEAT DO NOT SIGN CAM FREAKING FOWLER because your defense core is so good. Ryan merkley, meloche, pouliot, bigras, zadorov and siemens will grow overall on the preseason.

    Please Sign some bottom six forward at least three: 3rd line right wings and left wings for a defense mind players then sign some prospect on free agent. Then you will be great to improve goal against per game on year three preseason. :cheers mate
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