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    Welcome to my FIFA 16 Career Mode with Toronto FC. This is something a bit different for me, I've never used an MLS side in CM before for FIFA, I usually stick to Europe. But, I think it will be fun to try to bring a league title to Toronto FC. They've been improving as a club in the past few seasons, so let's see if I can bring them to the top!

    We'll start with the board's expectations. What they want is for us to reach the Playoff Semi-final, something that seems like an attainable and realistic goal. Of course I want bigger things from the squad, but we need to improve before we can make a serious push for the title.

    Let's take a look at the squad:

    Goalkeepers (3)
    Alex Bono: 63 overall (20 years old)
    Clint Irwin: 68 overall (25 years old)
    Quillian Roberts: 57 overall (20 years old)

    Clearly Irwin, who recently joined the club, is the starting goalkeeper at 68 overall. Only 25 years old, he could still be our starting goalie for another 4 or 5 seasons if need be. Alex Bono is a fine backup keeper at 63 overall, and is only 20 years old, and can hopefully grow to about Irwin's current level to succeed him somewhere down the line. Roberts is the same age as Bono and 6 overall lower, so I don't see him having a vital spot in the squad. This isn't our strongest position, as teams like Real Salt Lake with Rimando, DC United with Hamid, or Vancouver with Ousted have keepers well above 70 overall, but Irwin is serviceable for now until we find a better option. It's something I'd like to improve, but not a major concern.

    Center-backs (5)
    Nick Hagglund: 64 overall (22 years old)
    Drew Moor: 70 overall (31 years old)
    Clement Simonin: 60 overall (23 years old)
    Josh Williams: 67 overall (26 years old)
    Eriq Zavaleta: 66 overall (22 years old)

    There aren't many center-backs in the MLS over 70 overall, so having Moor is a good option for 2016. Zavaleta and Williams are again, like Irwin in goal, serviceable options, but not brilliant players. Still, Zavaleta and Hagglund are both only 22, and Simonin is only 23, so they can still grow. Simonin and Hagglund are good 2nd team options for now, and Williams and Zavaleta will have to fight to play alongside Moor. Williams and Hagglund are both adept at right-back as well, so they can also try to appear in that part of the pitch. Once again, not our strongest position, but it's good enough for now, and not a huge concern of mine. Moor is quite old though, so I'd like to replace him quite soon.

    Left-backs (3)
    Christopher Mannella: 54 overall (20 years old)
    Ashtone Morgan: 65 overall (23 years old)
    Justin Morrow: 69 overall (27 years old)

    Morrow is one of the top 5 or 10 left-backs in the league, so we have a really good option there, and Morgan must be in the top 20, so he a good backup in the position. Morgan probably has potential to reach about Morrow's current level, but at 27, Morrow should be around for another 2 or 3 seasons. Mannella isn't ready for our team, so I'll put him out for loan and see if he grows. He may be able to become a decent backup option at left back in a few seasons, or we may be able to make some cash off of him. Either way, getting him to grow is the only thing we can do for him.

    Right-backs (2)
    Steven Beitashour: 68 overall (28 years old)
    Mark Bloom: 64 overall (27 years old)

    Beitashour, like Morrow, is a top 10 player in his position. At 28 he's a bit old, but he's a good option for the first few seasons. Bloom is a decent backup, although unlike Morgan I can't see him growing into a future starter. We'll need to find a young replacement in the near future, but for now, this combo should be fine. All in all, I'm quite happy with our fullbacks.

    Central-midfielders (7)
    Tsubasa Endoh: 64 overall (21 years old)
    Michael Bradley: 79 overall (27 years old)
    Benoit Cheyrou: 72 overall (33 years old)
    Will Johnson: 70 overall (28 years old)
    Jay Chapman: 62 overall (21 years old)
    Marky Delgado: 64 overall (19 years old)
    Jonathan Osorio: 67 overall (22 years old)

    Endoh is our only proper attacking midfielder, and at 64 overall, he's not an ideal option on the pitch. Bradley is one of the top 5 central midfielders in the MLS, and at 27 he's our anchor for another half-decade. Cheyrou is a good player, but expendable at 33 years old, and with 70 rated Will Johnson right behind him, who is a starting level central-midfielder. Unfortunately, Cheyrou was recently purchased and can't be sold, so we may have to move out Johnson instead. Chapman and Delgado are both decent players for our 2nd team, but the main goal is to let them grow and see what they can become for the future (Cheyrou and Bradley are 33 and 27 respectively, so they will need to be replaced). Osorio can play on the left as well, so he may feature there quite often, but at 67 overall he's already good enough for first team football when Bradley and Cheyrou are tired. Hopefully Osorio will grow as well at only 22 years old.

    Wingers (1)
    David Lovitz: 64 overall (23 years old)

    Alright, this is obviously a weakness. A major one. Not only do we only have one winger/wide midfielder, but he's only 64 overall. Now, we don't necessarily need to use a formation with wingers, but nearly every formation does, and I'm most comfortable playing with players on the flanks, so grabbing more wide players a priority. Lovitz plays the left, and Osorio is another left option, but we have nobody to play on the right.

    Attackers (5)
    Sebastian Giovinco: 83 overall (28 years old)
    Jozy Altidore: 74 overall (25 years old)
    Molham Babouli: 62 overall (22 years old)
    Jordan Hamilton: 63 overall (18 years old)
    Tostaint Ricketts: 64 overall (27 years old)

    This is easily our strongest position with Giovinco leading the way. We will most likely play with two up front as Altidore and Giovinco are both elite players and having one on the bench would be silly. Ricketts provides decent depth, but since we have younger options (Hamilton and Babouli) who are just as good, I'll probably sell him. All in all, a really strong position, no need to improve, and Hamilton is a good option for the future.

    All in all, we really need wingers, especially on the right side. We could also use an upgrade in goal and at centre-back, but it's not a major priority. An attacking midfielder is also something we should actively pursue.

    Next up, we'll try to win some cash in our pre-season tournament, facing D.C. United, NY Red Bulls, and Tijuana in the group stage of the Champions Trophy.

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    Post to follow

    good luck :)
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    Pre-Season Game #1 vs NY Red Bulls
    We start with a lineup that is in my opinion the best we can currently play with. I would normally put younger players in during a pre-season match, but:
    a) We really need to win this pre-season because the funding is vital to our success
    b) I want to test out the team to see how our best squad feels

    The squad I'm going with is as follows. In goal, Irwin gets the nod. We then have a back four of Morrow on the left, Beitashour on the right, and Moor and Williams in the middle. We have a diamond in the central midfield. Bradley anchors it at CDM, and Osorio plays at CAM. At LCM and RCM are Cheyrou and Johnson respectively. Then, up front we have Giovinco and Altidore. Altidore is more of a target man, and Giovinco is the poacher.

    The first half saw New York pressing down the wings, exploiting our weakness there, and got a few decent chances from it. We were quite static, but Giovinco's speed and skill were able to generate us a number of chances. He and Altidore linked up nicely once, but it only resulted in a corner.

    In the second half Beitashour was showing some fatigue, so we brought on Hagglund. Alidore brought down a ball beautifully and found Giovinco in space, but his shot was deflected out, just saving a sure goal. After this we brought on Delgado for Cheyrou. In the 90th minute Osorio was fouled outside the box. Giovinco whipped in the free kick but their keeper made a marvellous save to deny the goal. That was how the game ended, in a 0-0 draw. Will Johnson had a 7.5 rating, the best on the team. Giovinvo had 2 shots on target on 5 attempts, and nobody else on the team even took a shot. In total, the shots were 5-2 for us, 2-1 on target, and possession was 57 to 43 for them. Not a great game, but we were able to keep them from scoring, and I'd say we were unlucky not to score at least once.
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    Pre-Season Results
    Group Stage
    0-0 D vs New York Red Bulls (n/a)
    3-0 W vs Tijuana (Giovinco '56, '69; Johnson '80)
    3-0 W vs DC United (Altidore '13; Hagglund '45+2; Delgado '56)

    Knockout Stage
    2-2 D (3-1 L in penalties) vs Colorado Rapids (Giovinco '45+1, '60)

    What a heartbreaking loss. Giovinco was buzzing about and could've had at least 4 goals this game but for some reason nothing was going in. Then, in the 90th minute, their player breaks into the box and takes a shot, missing. After the ball's left his boot, one of the computer controlled defenders slide tackled him from behind. For some reason, even though he didn't have possession at the time of the tackle, it's a penalty, and they scored to level it. Giovinco and Johnson were both stopped, and Altidore fell down on his penalty (even though I hit it in the green). Bradley scored, but it wasn't enough as they scored 3 of their 4 shots and won it.

    Real Salt Lake plays Colorado in the final. We got another $507,600 added to our transfer budget for our performance, but it wasn't the $1,000,000 I was hoping for.

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