Pro Wrestling How to Push #3: Cesaro

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    Welcome back! Today we are gonna come up with some ways to push Cesaro. Cesaro is one of the most liked superstars in the Wwe currently especially with his own Cesaro section. However his biggest push was the first few months in WWE with his US title reign. Cesaro is a great performer. He is extremely athletic. He is the third strongest superstar in WWE currently (behind Mark Henry and Brock Lesnar). Yet Roman Reigns gets more pushes in a week than he gets in a career life time :palm

    Get Rid of Sheamus: First off before we start pushing him into a top tier superstar. For the love of god please get rid of Sheamus. First off the tag team thing is a 2nd version of Team Hell No. And even if he would to get the tag team championships, that is not good enough for him and his talent. They need to lose to New Day then have Sheamus betray him then have Cesaro win the rivalry between him and Sheamus. Anyway pretend Sheamus is gone and now we get into the "how to push."

    Opton 1: Personal Rivalry Main Events: For those who don't know what I mean. I'm talking about those really good rivalries with no championships involved. Fighting for pride over the other guy. No I'm not talking about a Corbin vs. Kalisto type of rivalry where it is just a show filler. For example the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins rivalry in 2014 where it main evented Hell in a Cell because they hated each other so much. This would make Cesaro look strong to buy time for Owens to keep the title (or lose it to Roman Reigns). Most likely till Owens loses to Balor or vice versa. This could be through a series of matches. For example you can make Reigns heel and do a Reigns vs. Cesaro rivalry. Where they have matches at PPV's and eventually it gets so bad that they eventually have some huge stipulation in it. For example: At Extreme Rules, you can have Cesaro vs. Reigns in a three stages of hell match that could headline the PPV's. Have him win it then eventually win the title.

    Option 2: Winning the Royal Rumble: Since the Royal Rumble is almost upon us, I'd figure I'd throw a pretty solid idea out there involving it. Plain and simple, have Cesaro win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania. Can't really get any more spotlight than main eventing Wrestlemania. Assuming this, he'd face Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. That itself can be one hell of a ******* match. Kevin Owens and Cesaro. Two great performers, with great movesets. Assuming it's Wrestlemania, one of them would probably pull something

    unpredictable out of them. (Kevin Owens cannonball to Cesaro through barracade ;)). To me it doesn't matter who wins at this point. They're both great performers. Even if Cesaro lost that match by itself it would be an awesome push.

    Option 3: Elimination Chamber: Since I'm 90% positive that elimination chamber is the :raw exclusive PPV. Then put Cesaro in the match. What you do is have Cesaro vs. Owens and 4 other people for the Universal title in elimination chamber. What you do is have Cesaro beat Kevin Owens. Then have a big build up to Wrestlemania: Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro.

    *WIll do poll tomorrow*

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