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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Mirwin37, Mar 9, 2017.

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    This is just something that i have thought would be great if Johnny was to do this or something like this. Now this is just an opinionated suggestion so i hope that there no hate or bashing of this idea.
    Now this idea is very big and kinda crazy but i think it could be a good idea

    "NHL17 Commissioner Superbman"
    This is a fan/member interactive gameplay.
    • There is a certain numbers of teams in the league (depending on how many members are interested) and these members pick which team they would like to be a part of. Then when all members are in the groups together with the people that have also decided to be a part of that team would basically control that team as a panel or commitee. As that panel they will decide the moves and strategy to make their team great. Then they would face-off throughout the season against the other panels/teams. In other words it is a group of people running a team through this website and Johnny.

    I do understand that this idea is shaky and probably has a lot of flaws and kinks that would need to be worked out but i think that it could be a pretty good idea and very fun and entertaining to be apart of.
    P.S. If maybe you like my idea but feel that their is flaws please feel free to write back with any ideas that could help and/or make this something great.

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