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    EASHL Club on Xbox One FreeCurleyFries4Detroit: 112-51-12 (normally a Division 1 team, currently Division 2) looking for at least one defenseman or possibly center. Left or Right defenseman doesn't matter. Currently have 3 full time players, all forwards. Details of what we are looking for as a club:

    Age: 21+ preferred
    Country: USA/Canada
    Time Zone: Eastern preferred
    Availability: Weekdays, evenings between 7pm and 11pm
    Primary position: LD/RD or C
    Player level/rank: Not required, but prestige 1 or higher preferred
    Skill level: See above.
    Play style: Looking for a player who is responsible in both zones, and can facilitate the breakout and cycle.
    Mic: Yes

    Please message me directly or reply if interested.
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