Pro Wrestling Mickie James has signed a multi year deal with WWE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crossfit Jesus, Dec 8, 2016.

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    According to PWI insider Mickie James has signed a multi year deal with WWE. Currently, the plan for her is to debut early next year with the SmackDown roster. I'm pretty sure this will boost moral in the women's lockeroom as she would be the lockeroom leader and mentor to most of the women in the lockeroom and she's also friends with Nikki Bella. Ironically she has been put on the same roster as her ex Kenny Dykestra and John Cena whom she had a affair with in the past. I'm pretty sure now this is all in the past and they have working realtionship between those three since Mickie is married and John's in a serious realtionship with Nikki.

    Also, does this mean Magnus will sign to WWE in the near future? Magnus was pretty much the leading guy when AJ left TNA and when they still were developing EC3 as their next top guy.
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    Kenny got fired so Spirit Squad is not on smackdown

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