Minnesota GM Mode - Discussion ep. 10

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Johnny Superbman, May 2, 2016.

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    Johnny, I think it would be a great idea if you could find the notification center at the end of every episode (Like the one in current gen, if they have that in old gen). This would be great for developing news stories about the league and make this series even more in-depth. You don't have to read all the notifications, however scrolling through them would be great!
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    Aquiring a player like Gallagher wouldn't be a bad idea. Good two-way forward who can be on both the PP and PK, and can play anywhere in your Top 9. I'm not saying to go out and get Gallagher (although that would be a great idea, consider realism though) a player like that wouldn't be bad ex. Boone Jenner (CBJ), Kyle Palmieri (NJ), Tanner Pearson (LA), Craig Smith and Colin Wilson (both NSH)
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    Don't get Sharp. You'll be giving up a lot for a player that may not produce and your team might make it as it is. Instead, maybe increase your penalty kill which is not the best. Defense wins championships. Trade for David Legwand from the Sabres. They're shopping him around. I don't know how many years he has left, but he has good defensive stats that would help out your bottom six.
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    Move Yandle back to D and ship out Goligoski to get a second line LW sniper, like Sedin or Marleau Yandle isn't getting it done on the second line and you need that second line to start scoring if you want to go on a cup run. Also trade Reilly for a good third liner like Wingles who can help out the struggling PK and maybe chip in with a few goals.

    Just because Yandle and Reilly are offensive minded doesn't mean they're offensive forwards. Remember not every D man can be like Burns, they need those special traits which Yandle and Reilly lack.

    Don't make the mistake of trading your first and second round picks, If you manage to miss the playoffs you won't have any young players to bring up when the older players get worse.
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    Just trade one of your older defense man for a second liner and trade Reilly for a third liner.

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