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    There has been a lot of talk recently about relocation. Sorry to break it to you ARZ fans your team is gone (kinda), the Arizona Coyotes are moving to Seattle! (In my prediction) They will be called the Seattle Sasquatch, but don't loose faith you still get a team (minor league) but still a team, the NAHL expands to the desert and are called the Phoenix Howlers.

    Enough about ARZ it's time to play who will have the next NHL team, the contestants are Houston, Kansas City, Quebec City, Portland, and Hartford. Don't forget that Carolina is being sold, and the new owner moves them to Kansas city, (because why not) and are called the The Kansas Indians :redskins. That take KC out of the race, and Portland won't get a team because it will take fans from Seattle. Houston won't get a team due to Bettman's hate of Houston, and Hartford is a old memory. Congratulations Quebec City you now have a NHL team to balance out the league and all is well for now.
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