New, curious about some NHL Be A Pro player stats...

Discussion in 'GM Mode/Live The Life' started by N9neLivesGaming, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here. I've been watching a lot of 2BC NHL 17 videos over the last few weeks and it got me back into NHL 17.

    I've been playing more Be A Pro than anything else really, and I can't find a way to improve a few stats through playing games. Poise, Balance and Aggressiveness haven't gone up a single point since I've played a full season in the OHL. I understand that Poise goes up 2-4 points after finishing the playoffs and winning the championship, but is there any way it can go up through playing games?

    Anyway, that's my question on here. Thanks for any of the help. :)

    PS - I'd have looked through all of the posts if I didn't recently lose my mouse and in the process of looking for it.... I think my cats played around with it and lost it... -_-

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