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    So i started playing gm mode the past year, Doing only realistic trades, hard trade and hard everything, and cant use the upgrades with reputation points. I have found that team usually ends up with everyone on the team being over 84 overall or higher, and always having a 90 overall+ goalie. My defense is all 85+ and the thing that bothers me the most. I get less then 35 wins. I have played almost every team 3 times. i go 10 years with each team, Ive been doing this for over 18 months and have won more cups on teams with half the team being young prospects under 80 overall then 84+. The game seems like, it is too easy to have a stacked team, but makign the playoffs is impossible, When i first started playing gm mode, I started as the Canadians, and got over 73 wins, and got swept in the playoffs letting in over 18 goals, and scoring none. I redid the simulation of the playoffs since i feel it was bs, and ended up getting 4 goals scored, 17 let in, So this is a main issue i have with the game

    On a second idea i had, was to go 25 years with a team, and THEY MUST make the playoffs everyround after they make it once, So a rebuilding team can stack up b4 having the rule get them eliminated.. And this was good for the first 7 years, Then fowards would be available in free agency, asking for under a million, 2 way deal. 18 years old, and over 90 overall. Goalies would be over 92 overall, then ask for under a million, i wanted to see if i had to give 10+ million dollar contracts to them after the first deal, and they bugged out asking for a 1 million dollar contracts after that.. I dont say players like that, bug a AI signed a few of them, and had everyone on the team at atleast 89+ and not hitting the cap with those players, so they would trade for players with horrible deals, just to get it up there.

    After the first 2 things, i started playing games in gm to see how the game accuallyt played, In 12 games, (playing 3rd periods only) My goalie stoped 5 shots when i played. And let in 43. I was pissed, so i lowered the bars of there shot to the lowest for everything, the next game was as followed(played the whole game) 13 shots, 10 goals. My defense is bad, let me make that clear, but the ratio of shot to goal is unreal, Btw, i made my goalie a 99 overall carry price(to test this) so it seemed useless to play games.

    After going past year 10-14 or so, Signing players is accually terrible, 81 overall defensemen want over 7mil, and fowards who are 88+ want over 13 mil. It was not sustainable.

    (Be a pro)
    The best thing about the game for me, is having a over 250 point scorer in the entire whl b4 my draft as a dman, Get drafted second, Score over 1k points on my minor league deal, win the cup all 3 years, get a 6 mil deal, and ask for a trade from every team to see what teams would give up for me, The panthers gave up, Ekblad, Barkov, Ty edmonds, (89 overall goalie) and 2 firsts. So ig the most busted thing is the fantastic gm mode?

    This is no way intented to gloat or talk crap about the game, Its mostly to hear about the flaws you guys have seen with the offline game modes.

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