EDM Oilers and the Playoffs

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Are you surprised about the Oilers making the playoffs

  1. You kidding? I had them pegged to make it since Day 1

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  2. A little. A few games they played this year had me convinced.

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  4. Yes. Completel, absolutely, 100% yes. I didn't think they had it in them.

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  1. AlClemBee9575

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    Don't look now folks, but the Oilers are one win and one LA loss away from clinching their first playoff berth since 2006, and guess who Edmonton plays on Tuesday. Having recently won 5/6 and now have 91 points. This is their highest point total since 2007-2008 when they had 88. With this win (and the struggling San Jose Sharks, who've lost 6 straight), the Oilers are now in tied for 1st in the Pacific with the Ducks and Sharks. And what an accomplishment. Going into this season, all the pre-season predictions had the Oilers not in the playoffs, finish 1-2 points out. And yet the Oilers have never been out of a playoff spot once. They were top 3 in the pacific division all year (that is until Calgary went on that ridiculous 10-game win streak) and they've had to play leap frog with them a couple of times, but I gotta say I can't be disappointed with this year's team. If you told me that the Oilers would make the playoffs this year, I'd agree with you, but if you told me that the Oilers would be battling for first in the division with 8 games left, I'd would have told you that you were crazy.

    Still as good as this Oilers team is, there are faults and need to be addressed. One of the biggest problems of the team is the line of Maroon-McDavid-Draisitl. While the Oilers have been getting tons of secondary scoring recently, the top line continues to be the driving force behind Edmonton's offense. Heck, Draisitl leads the team with 27 goals, followed by McDavid at 26 and Maroon at 25. Then there's the defense which is vastly improved and the best D-core Edmonton has iced since that playoff run in '06, but 3/7 D-men are untested (assuming Benning isn't injured long-term). Then there's goaltending. Cam Talbot looked visibly fatigued in the Oilers 4-3 loss to Anaheim on Wednesday, getting the hook after surrendering 4 goals on 18 shots. The decision to start him the very next night against Colorado was dumb and resulted in him getting the hook after the second period. Backup Laurent Brossoit came in relief in both games and stopped all 21 combined shots through both games (16 against Anaheim and 5 against Colorado). He got the start yesterday night and stop all but 1 for his 3rd career NHL win. Brossoit is a fine backup and the Oilers said they'd stick with him so here he is. As for Talbot, here are his stats.

    Cam Talbot:

    Games Played: 67 (1st)
    Starts: 67 (1st)
    Wins: 37 (T-3rd)
    Losses: 21 (T-7th)
    OT/SO Losses: 8 (T-4th)
    Shutouts: 7 (T-2nd)
    Time On Ice: 3952:50 (1st)
    Goals Against Average: 2.40 (T-29th)
    Save Percentage: .920 (T-20th)
    Shots against: 1952 (1st)
    Saves made: 1795 (1st)

    Point being, Talbot has been an absolute stud in the Oilers net this season and keeping him well rested is going to help him tremendously (especially if Edmonton is going to push for a 2nd round appearance). Having not played yesterday and with the Oilers off on Tuesday, I would hope Cam is rested enough to continue playing well for us and give us that win on Tuesday.

    So my question to you is this. Are you surprised about the Oilers this season? Did you think they'd make the playoffs at the start of the year? And to end this on a childish note. To those who predicted that the Oilers would crash an burn like 3-4 months ago, NA NA NA NA NA!
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    They deserve it
  3. Doclaf

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    Through McDavid all things are possible so I expected them to make the playoffs. It remains to be seen whether or not they can get past some of the more playoff seasoned teams, although I feel that some of the younger players have enough drive and guts to get maybe to the 2nd round.
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