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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheHockeyBear, Jan 14, 2017.

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    Playing Clint Eastwood is..........................................................

    He will actually win about 99% of the face offs. No matter what move you try, no no no. dont even try, he'll still find a way to win it

    If he starts to cycle it, it will become as if hes on the PP. Jesus i didnt even know what to do but just brace for the artillery shots.

    if he goes up in a game, even like 1-0, i find myself having to pull a Roy and pull the goalie like 6 minutes in. Which of course worked but WAS WAVED OFF

    its either my PP is really shit (probably because it is) or his PK is godly

    shots were I guess you could say even, but he had like the 3-5 shot more advantage

    TOI was close in the last game, forgot the others

    - The only positive????-

    He doesn't play like your typical garbage NHL 17 player who will try to cheese goal every chance he gets, and he plays like a hockey should be played.

    GM1: Flames v. Jets 1-0 (Clint)
    GM2: Bruins v. Wild (5-2) that game was disgusting Clint (Clint won of course)
    GM3: Canada v. USA 1-2 (SO-Win Clint) he won the pulling the move Johnny does (The little one were he does the windmill into the goalie)

    oh and did i mention: I scored a hattrick! A ******* 3 WAVED OFF GOALS HATTRICK

    CLINT I WANT A REMATCH UNTIL I WIN LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And people, tell me how to win against Clint
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    Those waved off goals were hilarious. Also that Wild game was 3-1 until we started screwing around the last 3 minutes :p

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