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    Purpose: The purpose of this simulation is to, while guiding the NY Islanders franchise to the best of my ability, get an accurate idea of the changing picture in the NHL landscape in the upcoming years. As such, all trades, free agent signings, and roster decisions will be made as realistically as possible and all stakeholders in any roster decision must have a clear benefit (ie; if I were other GM, or if I were the free agent, would this make sense for me). That being said, I will do my very best to help guide the struggling NY Islanders franchise to success.

    Roster Notes: Prior to the start of the franchise mode I have personally edited nearly all players and prospects to reflect NHL teams accurate depth charts, prospect pools, and overall strength. Custom rosters are accurate as of February 15th 2017. The editing process began with a test simulation of year one to determine which teams needed to better or worse overall for year one, and which specific players were raking up too much or too little production relative to real life. Players’ overalls and potentials were then tweaked based on a criteria involving ice-time, SAT%, points, goals, team success and overall reputation over the past three years (more weight given to current season). Goaltenders were tweaked similarly. It is important to note that individual stats focused on to ensure accuracy in player production, however due to the odd weighted system of the players’ overall, this had to be played with to ensure team’s depth charts were accurate, specifically for defenseman. Prospects in every teams system, as well as top prospects for year 1, year 2, and year 3 entry drafts were edited/created when they needed to be to ensure true accuracy in the simulation moving forward. Although ‘under the hood’ these rosters are heavily edited out of necessity, I did respect the base rosters from EA and did not merely alter players for the sake of change. Additionally it should be noted that there is absolutely no personal bias in my rosters.


    - Owner Mode, morale meetings, waivers, asst coach edits lines, and auto sign free agents all set too off.

    - Full sim, no injuries, (remember the purpose is to have the least amount of randomness possible to ensure accuracy) 20 min periods, authentic cap penalties on, 25 years, CPU trades on, superstar difficulty, authentic draft pick ownership, salary cap on, medium trade difficulty, rotate goalies on, authentic series length and tie breaking procedures, injury tuner set to 0’s



    In a surprising move, the NYIslanders have fired GM Garth Snow, and head coach Jack Capuano just prior to the start of the 2016/2017 NHL season. Russian billionaire, and avid hockey viewer Alexey Mordashov has purchased the team in hopes of a Stanley Cup title someday. The reason he gave for the firing of the head coach and GM was mediocrity. He noted that what at one time looked like a promising rebuild done the right way has transformed into a death sentence of desperate free agent signings and bad contracts. Wanting a fresh voice, Mordashov has surprisingly signed a 20 year old university student out of Oshawa, Canada to a five year contract as GM/Coach of the team and has given him full control of hockey operations. Although a surprising move, Mordashov had come across the now youngest GM in league history’s hockey blog months earlier and was astonished at his hockey knowledge. GMAustin was reached out for comment and simply stated that there is a lot of work to be done, but he is determined to bring a cup to a franchise starving for success.

    Year One (16/17)

    Alright guys, with the intro done the formal tone is going to become much more blog/journal entry like right about now.

    Year one looks pretty crap. Best starting lineup I can put together is:

    Ladd84/30/pwf/et6/2f – Tavares93/26/snp/mfranch/1f – Nelson85/24/pwf/mt6/2f

    Lee83/26/pwf/lt9/3sf – Strome83/23/ply/mt6/3sf – Bailey83/26/twf/ht9/3sf

    Kulemin82/30/twf/et9/3cf – Cizikas82/25/twf/lt9/3cf – Clutterbuck82/28/grn/et9/3cf

    Chimera82/37/twf/et8/3cf – Grabovski82/32/ply/et6/3cf – Bernier78/31/pwf/eat6/4f

    Leddy87/25/twd/le/t4 – Boychuk86/32/twd/et4/t4

    Siedenberg84/35/dd/et4/t4 – Hamonic86/26/twd/me/t4

    Hickey83/27/twd/et6/t6 – DeHann82/25/twd/ht6/t6


    Halak82 / Berube79

    Notable prospects :

    Barzal76 (EliteLow)

    Dalcolle75 (Top6Med)

    Ho-Sang70, Beauvillier78 (Top6low)

    Prince79 (Top9med)

    Pulock (Top6DHigh)

    Wotherspoon (Top6DMed)

    Sorokin (EliteGLow)

    Soderstrom (StarterMed)

    +Young players on team that can grow

    +We have all our picks

    Alright guys, as you can see we look like a tweener team at best. Our no.1 goalie is listed as a backup, our Dcore is servicabe, although are second and third forward lines can keep the puck out of the net we have no secondary scoring, don’t be surprised is Tavares scores half of all our goals. Lots of shitty contracts too, im going to start the season with the aforementioned lineup though we have 2 backups so ill look to trade the younger cheaper one and also try to pick up an asset or 2 for Bridgeport to help our prospects.


    NYI receives: 2017 BOS 4th rd pick

    BOS receives: Berube79 – 25YO, med backup

    Why is makes sense: there second best goalie was 77 (subbanandkhudobin) so this way they have a legit and cheap backup and subban and khudobin can split ahl time. We get rid of a guy we didn’t need both teams benefit.

    Just signed Tikhonov78 for a year to help out ahl team, prior 1strd pick, still had exact bottom6 potential, may be a depth nhl player for us someday, he gets a chance to prove himself. Also signed kaleta74 another former nhl grinder to help give some leadership to ahl team, still listed as 4th liner so could be a call up if we make a trade. Joslin75 and eminger 76 were also needed as game screwed us with 65 overall bottom 6d ahlers. Again incentive for all players signing is chance to play in nhl if we trade a roster player.


    Im going to sim right up to the allstar break to see where this team is at.
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    Alright guys were up here now to the all star break and we are 21-24-2, 8 points out of a wildcard spot. Tavares is pulling his weight with 20g, 43 points, -2, in 47 games. Brock Nelson is also having a good year with 41 points, 10 goals. Our second is also fine with strome having 32 points and 12 goals. We are plagued by lack of depth scoring, lack of points from the point, and poor goaltending. Its clear we are not a playoff team, time for changes J


    NYI Recieves: 2018 LAK 1st round pick + Scuderi81 + Sharipzyanov61(mahlt6d)

    LAK Recieves: Ladd84, Siedenberg84, Hansson64(l7d)

    Why this makes sense: LA has a 28-18-3 record and is going for their 3rd cup with their current core. They aquire a hard hitting top 6 pwf with skill who replaces Lucic who left them last offseason to add to their forward depth, they also upgrade scuderi for siedenberg who is only on a 1 year 1 mil deal compared to scuderi’s 1.25 mil. Hansson could also be a depth D of the future for them where as Sharipzaynov is a career AHLer. All in all they bolster their team getting ready for a deep playoff run whle we obviously aquire a first round pick and ditch ladd’s long contract. Overall a great blockbuster trade and only time will tell the winner.

    Alright guys, post trade we are going to sim right up to the deadline, I called up shaneprince82 who is now an 82 overall medt9 sniper to play in ladd’s place while scuderi plays in siedenberg’s place. We have clearly become a worse team on paper.

    Okay guys here we are at the trade deadline and honeslty fuck the randomness of the sim sometimes guys, we are now 29-29-3, 3 points out of a wildcard spot, that being said we have already established ourselves as sellers so let me see if there’s anything I can do last min here at the deadline. Pretty much everyone is on the same stat pace as before but obviously slightly better, Shane Prince has 6 goals for 9 points in 14 games


    NYI Recieves: Ott 2017 5th round pick

    Pittsbergh receives: Scuderi81

    Why it makes sense: Pitt gets depth for playoffs in a guy with a one year deal who has played for them before.

    That’s the only trade im going to make guys, nobody else on expiring contracts that I have to trade now I moved up pulock81 to take scuderi’s place. Time to continue sim.

    Well fuck, the tank didn’t work out great guys, we finished 39-37-6, about tenth worst team in the league, 2.63gfpg, 2.88gapg for stats keeping purposes. Tavares had 33g for 73pts, Prince kept decent pace, our second line was surprisingly good for an average of 50pts each, lack of Dman scoring, good goaltending, support for johnny T, and depth scoring were our problems. I mean we have a shot at the lottery I guess but I expect to pick around 10th. Around the league the Caps won the metro with 105pts, ATL went to tbl with 95, second was mtl with 94, Hawks took central with 108, Kings took pacific with 108 so it seems like Ladd and Seidenberg worked out there. Benn gets ArtRoss with 92pts, Ovi for Richard with 54g, Crawford will take the vezina with 928%, 2.15gaa, btw guys kinkaid82 had a 1.65 gaa and 944sv in 18 games so fuck eh. Ill update with rest of awards at the draft.

    Oh almost forgot Bridgeport in the AHL scraped into the playoffs and lost in rd1. DallColle79 had a great year and so did ISorokin75 our low elite goalie, he had 1.94, 930 in 26 games,

    No winning lottery we pick 10th

    Chimera82 and some ahler (Boulton76) retire so we get out of chimers 2.25 cap hit next year.

    Crap guys forgot to check year 1 retirements from other teams for you guys my bad

    Florida Panthers win the cup year one, that’s a first for these rosters so that’s quite an upset as its usually tbl, wsh, or chi. Cgy wins west beating SJS. FLA won east beating WSH. Doughty repeats as Norris winner, benn with hart, calder to Matthews, Conn Smyth to Barkov, Ted Lindsay to toews, Selke to JStall

    Arizona Boston Philadelphia are picking one two and three

    Az drafts C Nico Hischier 1 (75overall ply, med elite)

    Bos drafts C Nolan Patrick 2 (78overall pwf, high top 6)

    Phi drafts D Alex Thilander 3 (64overall twd, hightop6d)

    Other med elites or better to go in top 10 is only Liligren a med elite twd to the Colorado avalanche, lots of low elites going in the top 10

    WITH OUR 10TH OVERALL SELECTION WE TAKE GABRIEL VILLARDI (67overall med top 6 center playmaker) meh for 10th overall.

    No other elite players were taken in rd 1

    WITH OUR 40th OVERALL SELCTION WE TAKE WARREN CHUNG (60overall med top6 dman)

    WITH OUR 70th OVERALL SELCTION WE TAKE TOM HEDBERG (60overall med top6 dman)

    The Boston fourth rounder became askew, a med bottom 6 pwf btw

    The Pittsburgh fifth became Wingerli a low bottom 6 ply prospect

    With our other picks we got some decent guys nothing above bottom 6/7thd/lowfringe though

    Overall guys it was a good draft just sucks we only got tenth overall pick.

    RESIGN (1waydeals)

    Griess84 2m2y

    DeHann82 qualified for now

    Bernier78 released

    Oshie88 and Johnson87 are both available in FA. Im not opposed to signing free agents but they must play the majority of contract on the team. Giving big money to oshie, at least 6years at 7 mill is steep and exactly what I just got out of with Ladd I’m not going to sign these guys just for a trade. Minor FA deals will suffice

    SIGNING ZACH SMITH82 GRN 2 years at 3M. 4c and penalty killer, helps depth

    SIGNING DERYK ENGELLAND83 1 year at 3M. Older player, replaces DeHann as he want too much $$ and I can move engelland at the deadline if we suck.

    I also signed a few prospects and depth guys for the ahl

    YEAR 2 (17/18)

    Alright guys, we are up to the 2017/18 szn, it looks better than last year but not to the level of a legit contender just yet. We gotta do this right though guy no cheesing the trades. Situation is as follows.

    DalColle81/21/ply/mt6/df – Tavares93/26/snp/mfranch/1f – Nelson85/25/pwf/mt6/2f

    Lee84/27/pwf/et9/3sf – Strome85/24/ply/mt6/2f – Prince83/24/snp/mt9/3sf

    Bailey83/27/twf/et9/3sf – Cizikas82/26/twf/lt9/3cf – Clutterbuck82/29/grn/et9/3cf

    Kulemin82/31/twf/et9/3cf – Grabovski82/33/ply/eb6/3cf – Smith82/29/grn/eb6/3cf

    Leddy87/26/twd/le/t4 – Boychuk86/33/twd/et6/t4

    Hickey83/27/twd/et6/t6 – Hamonic86/27/twd/ee/t4

    Pulock84/22/twd/ht6/t6 – Engelland82/25/dd/e7d/t6



    Notable prospects :

    F Barzal79(lowelite)

    F Vilardi67(mtop6)

    F Beauvillier80(ltop6)

    F HoSang76(ltop6)

    G Sorokin79(lelite)

    G Soderstrom(mstarter)

    +Some med top 9 fwd’s and med top 6 d’s

    +LAK first rounder this year

    Much, much better situation that when I came, remember we still have DeHann tendered boys and he has demanded a trade due to a brutal arbitration hearning.


    NYI Aquires: Vasilevskiy85(lowelite) + TBL 3nd Round Pick 2018

    TBL Aquires: Sorokin79(lowelite) + Halak81*

    *NYI retains half of Halak’s 4.5M for the remainder of the one year contract

    Why it makes sense: Vasilevsky, now listed as a starter has never played more that 25 games in a season with TBL opting to go with Bishop. Knowing that without playing him as a starter he will remain unproven and his trade value will reflect such they find an ideal trade bringing back a younger goalie with identical potential who will be able to take over as backup in 2018/19 while Halak remains serviceable this season. Also frees up some cap space for TBL.

    Vasilevskiy is now our starter.


    NYI Aquires: D Sieloff79(medt6d) + OTT 4nd Round Pick 2018

    OTT Aquires: D DeHann83(ht6d)

    Why it makes sense: Ottawa has cap to sign DeHann, they didn’t have 6 nhl ready dmen, so they move one that’s not NHL ready for one that is. Sieloff can play AHL this year NHL next year hopefully.

    Alright guys its opening night of year to lines are set and its sim time. I will go right up to the all star break to see where we are at. No idea what to expect this year, no doubt on paper we are better than last year however. The re-tooling process is going very good but if we still do not appear to be a playoff bound team this season big decisions must be made.

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