Separating the Person from the Player

Discussion in 'National Hockey League' started by frank p, Mar 7, 2017.

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    A couple days ago Tanner Glass was called up to the Rangers after spending the entire season down in the minors. As a result, a huge debate broke out if this was the right move or not. Personally I think it was the wrong move, as I do not believe in the whole "agitator" or "enforcer" theory that they can spark a team with a big hit or fight, nor can they prevent dirty hits from occurring. In my opinion that kind of player sparks more dangerous plays than if they arent even dressed for the game. Some people believe that enforcers and agitators do the opposite, and while I disagree, I respect their opinion. My problem is the people who criticize the person, not the player. Every team has atleast one whipping boy, if not more, who fans blame for loses. As a Rangers fan, its common to see people with analytical views blame guys like Girardi, Staal, Klein while people with a more old school approach blame guys like Nash, Clendening, Lundqvist, and Stepan. And that's fine. If someone says, "I think Clendening had a bad game and should be scratched because....." fine, I may disagree but I can respect the opinion. Or if someone wants to say that recalling Glass was a mistake because it doesn't help the Rangers that's fine. The problem is that people are saying things like "I hate Glass" and wishing bad things upon him when he has no control over whether he's playing or anything like that. Was he supposed to say, "No Jeff I wouldn't like to be recalled," like seriously? Of course he wants to be playing in the NHL. Or people get mad at Girardi for his contract. Was he supposed to turn down a 5.5 million dollar long term deal in NYC, and renegotiate a deal for 1 year at 1 million dollars? I feel like this is something worth considering when talking about players and descisions they may not have any control over.
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    Very true. I am sure all of these players are real nice guys in real life (ie. Dan Girardi and Tanner Glass), but when criticizing, it is important to remember that hockey players are people too. They have families, they have bills, etc. Just to play a little devil's advocate, I think when people get angry over a contract, the gripe mainly lies with the GM, not the player.

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