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    The escapists is a pretty fun game where you have to escape a prison, You start of escaping prisons meant for toddlers until you get up to prisons that are meant for Vancouver canucks fans who Rioted after losing to the Bruins.

    The Environments often change but have no affect on how you escape. The only the thing that has any affect on how you escape is the prison it's self. The amount of ways you can escape a prison is Very High that is until you get to the later prisons where there is only like 3 ways to escape.

    You have to Although build your characters stats to be able to escape. You have
    3 stats which over time decrease (by 5 per day) so you have to get into some kind of routine and this can become boring to keep up. Also sometimes it's very annoying to wait for somebody to have a certain item for your escape plan actually work but this isn't much of a problem in later levels when you have more shit to do to escape and have more people to trade with.

    All in all This game is very fun but can be boring when your waiting for shit.

    I give it an

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