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Discussion in 'National Hockey League' started by Scyie, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Ill be Showing you Top goalies of 2016-2017 so far, if you think that i have put your favorite teams goalie to low or too high, and you think they should go up or down, please let me know. Now ill be doing this off how well each goalie has performed this year and i know ill make some controversial picks so don't knock me over the head for it.

    How ill Score each goalie
    > Minimum of 24 Games Played
    > Save Percentage
    > Goals Against Average
    > Team's Record
    > Shots Against
    > Goals Against Per 60

    #35 Semyon Varlamov
    Hes out for the year but he has by far his worst NHL season ever, Posting a 6-17 record, .898 sv% and a 3.38 GAA, he will most likely be the goalie for the Las Vegas Golden Knights next year.

    #34 Calvin Pickard
    Calvin hasn't done much better than his injured goalie Semyon, but he is a little bit better in every category, Calvin has posted a 7-14-1 Record, with a .903 sv% and a 3.10 GAA. he is the future of the avalanche goalie position so its best he gets the most amount of playing time this year, regardless of winning or losing.

    #33 Brian Elliott
    11-12-2, 896 sv% 2.80 GAA, not much to say that his team has not been performing in front of him and he hasnt been the same goalie he was in St. Louis

    #32 Antti Niemi
    10-7-4 .900 sv% 3.20 GAA, Antti has not had a great year but with such a potent offense he record does not reflect his stats this year.

    #31 Peter Mrazek
    Peter was supposed to replace jimmy Howard this season by signing his new big money contact but it has actually been the exact opposite. Jimmy has been sensational but then he got an injury and Detroit has fallen off the cliff. 11-12-5 .894 sv% 3.20 GAA

    #30 Jake Allen
    Jake Allen is almost the same case with Niemi, he has a very potent offense so that makes up for his horrific stats this year. 18-13-3 .897 sv% 2.81 GAA

    #29 Kari Lehtonen
    This is the biggest problem in Dallas, their Goaltending has been mediocrity to absolute shit for the past year and including this year. 11-14-6 .902 sv% 2.85 GAA

    #28 Steve Mason
    Philadelphia had the hottest streak at the beginning of the year, now they have gone down to earth but their offense is potent so it supplements for bad goal tending. 16-16-6 .900 sv% 2.90 GAA

    #27 Marc Andre Fleury
    Now an Established backup in the Penguins Organization. 13-7-4 .904 sv% 3.23 GAA

    #26 Ben Bishop
    11-12-3 .904 sv% 2.83 GAA, if his team still had stamkos, this would be a Cup contending team + idk anymore, bishop announced today that he is open to being traded so Bishop is gone either before the Deadline or hes going to free Agency.

    #25 Connor Hellebuyck
    17-13-1 .908 sv% 2.82 GAA, i dont know enough about the jets to say anything except the Ehlers, Laine, Scheifele and Wheeler are having great years.

    #24 Andrei Vasilevskiy
    11-12-3 .909 sv% 2.84 GAA, look at Bishop except this dude is staying in Florida.

    #23 Cam Ward
    20-16-6 .908 sv% 2.54, im impressed with the canes this year, aho has been great and they just need their defense to get a little older and i think they could be a serious contender in the next couple years.

    #22 Cory Schneider

    15-15-8 .909 sv% 2.75, if this guy has a normal season than the Devils are a playoff contending team.

    #21 Henrik Lundqvist

    the King has not had a roality type year, he has given up a goal on the 1st shot in more than 6+ games its insane, Henrik has posted 22-13-1 .907 sv% and a 2.73 GAA, but his record is good only due to the Rangers playing insane this year.

    #20 Ryan Miller
    Hes ahead of Lundqvist cause he has better stats on a worse team, and the record doesnt reflect but hes only a little better cause he saved a goal by diving, 14-13-3 .918 sv% 2.53 GAA

    #19 Mike Smith
    I cant put him higher than this, cause you will all get mad at me, Mike smith has been having an outstanding year but the team in front of him has been
    terrible. When you have an 11-15-5 record a .915 sv%, 2.89 GAA on the 2nd worst team in the national Hockey league right now, then you have proven yourself. If you take the sample that Smith has been played this year and put them up against other teams in the west, the coyotes are merely 6 points out of a playoff spot.

    #18 Chad Johnson
    is supposed to be what Brian Elliott is, but turned out to be starting more games for the Flames. 16-12-1 .913 2.50 GAA

    #17 Mike Condon
    Has been great while Craig Anderson has been away with his wife. 15-8-5 .914 sv% 2.48 GAA

    #16 Robin Lehner
    I cant put him any higher just because his stats are so good but he isnt really stealing any games for the Sabers with 0 Shutouts and still having a 12-13-6 record but a .920 sv% is great and a 2.62 is average for a quality goalie.

    #15 Roberto Luongo
    14-13-6 for probably his last or second to last season in the NHL, he has .919 sv% and a 2.53 GAA but the Panthers are not that good but with the addition of Johnny Heu and barkov back, they should be pushing on the bruins heels for a playoff spot.

    Goalies left:
    Martin Jones
    Tuukka Rask
    Carey Price
    Cam Talbot
    Peter Budaj
    Frederick Andersen
    John Gibson
    Pekka Rinne
    Brayden Holtby
    Corey Crawford
    Matt Murray
    Thomas Griess
    Devan Dubnyk
    Sergei Brobrovsky
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    only change I make is move Allen to #27 and move back everyone one spot
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    Condon should be before Lehner
  5. Scyie

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    I honestly debated that throughout my time writing this, the more I think of it, the more I agree with you, but lehner has a worse team in front of him, but then that leads to more shots, but honestly idk
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    Wow just as you write this, Lehner gets his first shutout.
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    While hellybuck certainly hasn't been great, if you take away the games where he's bombed he's been pretty good
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