Toronto Maple Leafs Season Preview - 2015/16

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    Well, thats true. But we'll have to see what would happen to our team. BTW, nice leaf logo there. That is a fancy one :D
  2. NOBODY!!!!
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    Lol, I guess thats true
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    Leaf fans, you'll be mad but bare with me.

    Easily one of the shittiest teams in the league. I mean, yes there are some bright spots, but overall it isn't looking great.

    No doubt your last in your division (every other team has a better roster), last in the league? I'd say most likely, but Carolina and Arizona won't be much ahead, if not worse.

    Now, I do know lots about the Leafs (I study the NHL, its what I do) and I look at your roster and there isn't too much going for it. However I'll go over management first.
    Lou Lamoriello will be your GM. Surely a guy who knows how to build a team, what it takes, and has plenty experience as a GM. It may take time, but he will put you in the right direction, and will make your team better each season. You'll be a losing team and non playoff team probably for the next 3-4 seasons, and is doesn't take 1 year to rebuild from the ground up. Especially with the peices he has to work with, it'll take time.
    As for Babcock, yes a great coach, overrated? Yes. Now as a Red Wings fan, I loved him, and while he will be missed, he did have a great roster and a organization full of depth to work with here in Detroit. He will not have that in Toronto. If you guys had anyone (behind your bench) else except Todd McClellan, you would be even worse then I think you would be. Babcock, won't make you a playoff team, until he has the right tools, but he'll bring structure, and you know he's not to blame if it goes wrong. He's the man in Toronto.

    Your offense will suck, to say the least. Kessel, while overweight, was the only stud peice you had on offense, and now he's gone. There is no superstar power and a lack of depth (not amazing depth) to overcome the fact you have no studs upfront. Here's my line projection:
    Van Reimsdyk-Bozak-Komarov
    Panik, Bailey

    Nylander will need more AHL seasoning. He has to grow and learn to not make those rookie mistakes, Marner needs more time to grow as well.
    Like I said, offense is crap. So now, I'll look at every projected line.
    Komorav is a great player. Hard working, gritty guy, who gets it done. He's a leader and example for young players. Bozak, I'd say is a okay 2nd line center but on a cup winning team, more of a 3rd line center. He's a decent two way player. But not a 1st liner by any means. Van Reimsdyk isn't much more than an average 2nd line player. The loss of Kessel will hurt him, probably around 45-50 points for the Leafs (should hit 50). This is no NHL 1st line. Its an NHL 3rd line, which sums it all up for the Leafs.
    Lupul is a good top 6 player, but so injury prone, that if he has a string of 15 gos games, ship him out. He won't last a full season which sucks. Kadri has skill, but needs to learn to utilize it at the NHL level. Good little offensive player, but his defense needs major work. Under Babcock he could do well, but won't grow into a 1st liner, more than likely a career 2nd line player. Paranteau is nothing special.
    Decent third line. All average third line players who should be good in your bottom 6.
    It's okay I guess, nothing special.

    Your offense will be quite bad. Babcock may be able to aid that, but not by much.

    Like offense, your defense will be crap. But, at least defense has a bright spot. Phaneuf, a way overpaid, average top 4 defenseman at most. He's worth $3-4 million, so likely, have to retain cap to move him. However, moving him would be your best option. He's not a captain, has lots of issues in his game, needs to be on a smaller market team to do well. Media eats him alive. I'll do the line projections now:

    Laughable top 2 pairing. Polak is an average top 6 defenseman, while Phaneuf an average top 4. This probably isn't how it'll be matched up, but still, laughable.
    Gardiner was in Carlyle's dog house, Babcock likes players who can skate and control the puck. He'll thrive under Babcock proving to be a good top 4, but that's all he'll be. Reilly is the real deal. He's your future captain, top 2 defenseman. Amazing talent, skill, skating, smart, I love him. Great offensive defenseman and him and Gardiner (under Babs) would be your best pairing.
    Both players are nothing special, Robidas is a vet, but is nothing more than a top 6 player. Marincin is also nothing but a top 6 player.

    This is your strong point. Your goaltending sucked last season because it had no support in any way whatsoever. Bernier is a good starting goalie, and Reimer an average starter. This is all you have.
    Lottery team, bottom 3 in the NHL. Lucky to get above 30-32 wins. Last in your division for sure.

    Its looking okay. I'll just list every top prospect and what I think they'll be:
    Nylander: Skilled top 6 player, but defensive liability.
    Marner: Future 1st line skilled winger.
    Gauthier: Okay 2nd line center, great 3rd line center
    Kapanen: Average 2nd line player
    Brown: Average 2nd liner

    Reilly: Top 2 defenseman
    Harrington: Average top 4
    Finn: Average top 4
    Percy: average top 4

    That's my take on the team.
  5. i know lol.
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    I really think it depends if either the Devils or Leafs tank for Matthews next draft. If both teams tried to go for playoffs (unlikely) then maybe the Leafs would have a better chance to get closer than the Devils since this year we have a lot of younger guys. As for goaltending I believe that Cory is better than Bernier (sorry if I spelt it wrong) which could also be the difference if either of these teams were to get closer to the playoffs than the other. Player wise the Leafs may have the Devils beat even thought the Devils swept the Leafs last season. I guess we will just have to wait 2 see how good these two teams do this season.

    This is just my opinion but feel free to disagree with what I have written and to reply.
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    The Leafs will definitely miss the playoffs for the next 2-3 years, but the future is bright. They just need to draft well and develop the players, and Babcock will help the team win the cup one day.
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    Weeelllll, my post looks pretty bad now, lol.
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    Hey Dom this was a great read! Felt like I was reading an article off of the Score or the TSN website! Keep up the good work and good luck to the Leafs because they happen to be my second favourite team :)

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