What you need to know about South Korea in the 2018 Olympics (and a lot of things you don't!)

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    So I thought this would be fun to do... I'm gonna dig up some stuff from around the internet about the South Korean national team, and see what I can find...

    -The first ever game South Korea played was against Spain on March 16th, 1979. Spain won by a score of 7-1.
    -South Korea has since then participated in 26 World Championships, out of a possible 39.
    -South Korea currently sits in Division 1, Group A of the IIHF Championships. This is the second highest division in the IIHF, aside from the World Championships division.
    -South Korea's total record overall: 78–126–15 (Win-Loss-Tie)
    -South Korea currently stands 23rd overall in IIHF rankings; behind Ukraine, and ahead of Great Britain. Note that South Korea isn't in the EA Sports NHL games, even though they are technically better than GB.
    -South Korea's biggest win was over Hong Kong, in which SK spanked HK 44-0 (March 14th, 1987).
    -South Korea's biggest loss was handed to them by Latvia, 27-0 (March 18th, 1993).
    -South Korea's head coach is Jim Paek, the first South Korean-born NHL player.
    -Richard Park, the second SK-born NHL player and current Minnesota Wild development coach, is an assistant coach with SK.
    -South Korea features 6 non-SK born players (as of 2016):
    1. Matt Dalton (Clinton, ON, CAN) - Goalie for Anyang Halla (Asia League) - 1.63 GAA, .941 Sv% (26GP)
    2. Bryan Young (Ennismore, ON, CAN) - Defenseman for Gangwon High1 (Asia League) - 3G, 10A, 10PIM, +0 (22GP)
    3. Brock Radunske (Kitchener, ON CAN) - Forward for Anyang Halla (Asia League) - 7G, 14A, 14PIM, +9 in 25GP. Also was the first non-SK-born player to play for South Korea.
    4. Michael Swift (Peterborough, ON, CAN) - Forward for Gangwon High1 (Asia League) - 14G, 22A, 65PIM, -4 in 29GP. Also won the scoring title last year in Asia League with 70 points (31 goals), WC Division 1A All-Star Team, and had the most goals in the 2016 World Championship Division 1A (5).
    5. Mike Testwuide (Vail, CO, USA) - Right Wing for Anyang Halla - 16G, 19A, 38PIM, +19 in 29 GP. Won Asia League most goals last season (35), plus Regular Season MVP, First All Star Team, and Asia League Playoff Champion.
    6. Eric Regan (Ajax, ON, CAN) - Defenseman for Anyang Halla - 7G, 17A, 22PIM, +15 in 27GP. Won Asia League Playoff Champion last year, and named to Asia League First All Star Team.
    -South Korea's record against all other Participating Olympic teams (W-L-T (GF-GA)):
    Norway: 0-2-0 (1-14)
    SK has never played against any other Participating Olympic team.
    -More than half of SK's roster comes from Asia League's Anyang Halla, who won the ALIH playoffs last season.
    -17 out of 22 Players come from either Anyang Halla, or High1.
    -South Korea's top positive goal differentials:
    1. New Zealand (+94, 6GP)
    2. Hong Kong (+78 in 3GP)
    3. Chinese Taipei (+46, 2GP)
    -South Korea's worst negative goal differentials:
    1. Japan (-136, 22GP)
    2. Kazahkstan (-64, 9GP)
    3. Hungary (-62, 14GP)

    So there you go. This is gonna be a fun Olympics for SK... if they make it out alive.

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