Proposal Would You Do This? [CHC/LAA - Trout]

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In a whole different universe, if this trade happened what team would win?

  1. Chicago Cubs

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    I came upon this interesting article 2 weeks ago from USA TODAY Sports proposing a trade idea between the Cubs and Angels centered around who people consider the best player in today's game... Mike Trout.


    The article would state that the Angels went 74-88. While having Trout, the Angels have many holes that will take time to fix. The Cubs with their amazing depth could afford to give up players while keeping their core.

    :angels - The Los Angeles Angels acquire

    Kyle Schwarber - 23, LF/C, [2014 4th Overall - :cubs]

    Schwarber was named MVP of the All-Star Futures Game in 205 after hitting a go-ahead two run triple. He would have 16 home runs and 43 RBIs over 69 games of the 2015 MLB season. Schwarber's presence would be evident throughout the 2015 playoff run setting a Cubs record with 5 career postseason home runs and also the record for the most home runs in a single postseason by a player age 22 or younger, passing Miggy.

    2016 would be a crazy year for Schwarber. In a game vs the Angels, Schwarber would collide with Dexter Fowler, therefore tearing his anterior cruciate ligament and lateral collateral ligament in his left knee. Schwarber would make an unexpected speedy recovery making his 2016 World Series appearance as the DH in Cleveland. And on top of that, Schwarbs would record 7 hits, 2 RBIs, a stolen base, a .412 average and a .500 OBP.

    A power hitter with a very high ceiling. Schwarber would be a threat at bat for the Angels for the next couple of years. His fielding needs work but Schwarber has already proved himself to be a game-changer whether it be in the regular season or in the World Series.

    Javier Báez - 23, 2B/SS/3B, [2011 9th Overall - :cubs]

    In 2012 Baseball America would name him the "Most Exciting Player In The Midwest League" and the "Best Defensive Infielder" in the Cubs season. Báez would cruise to #16 on the prospect rankings list before the 2013 season. He was named the Cubs "Minor League Player of the Year". Báez would earn his 2nd invite to the Cubs spring training camp. Báez would debut in August of 2014 hitting a home run in the 12th in his first game. Báez constant strikeout percentage would hinder his game during his first run as well as at spring training in 2015. Despite being apart of the September call ups as well as playing half the games he did in 2014, Báez would have a way better season statistically with a better slugging percentage, OBP, average and fewer strikeouts.

    2016 would be a decent year for Báez. He would play 142 games with a .273 average, and a .737 OBS. His speed and skill would allow him to turn 41 double plays playing 2nd or 3rd base.

    Another guy, drafted by the Chicago, groomed to become the star that he is now by the Cubs farm system and organization. Báez's provides a great arm when fielding. Also note that he is a versatile player, playing either 2B/3B/SS/1B, OF and even catcher at a young age. Báez can hit for bases... It's just his strikeout rate that may need to improve and is getting better. Báez would be an amazing asset in the Angels infield for the next few years.

    Albert Almora Jr. - 22, CF, [2012 6th Overall - :cubs]

    Almora had a .329 batting average with the Kane County Cougars of the Class A Midwest League. He made his way to AA in 2015.

    On April 5, 2016, Almora was added to the Iowa Cubs (AAA) of the Pacific Coast League, batting .318 during his tenure. With Soler injured midway through the 2016 Cubs season, Almora Jr. would be called up. However he's most remembered by his tag-up play from first base from the Bryant's fly ball. Instead of jogging easily back to first, Almora would time catch and throw from the outfield and take 2nd. He would score the go-ahead 7th run for the Cubs off Zobrist's double and would be credited with great baserunning skill.

    Almora Jr. is a shadowed elite talent for the Cubs. The young core group of the Cubs made it to the big leagues in time of the Cubs success while Almora Jr. was still fiddling around in the minors with other high end prospects like Candelario, Happ, Zagunis and Caratini. Deemed the replacement for Dexter Fowler next year at CF, Almora Jr. is a great defensive fielder with amazing speed when on base. He is noted to have good raw power and rarely strikes out from his time in Iowa. His work ethic and smoothness would make him a good replacement for Trout and for the Angels future. However Jahmai Jones and Brandon Marsh are up and coming OF products that give the Angels good depth.

    Jeimer Candelario - 23, 3B, [Signed September 29, 2010 - :cubs]
    Candelario would be signed in 2010. He would make it to Iowa in 2016, hitting .333 in his first 25 games, making him a player to watch out for.

    Candelario made his debut for the Cubs in 2016 with Coghlan injured. He had 1 hit in 11 at bats and was optioned back to Iowa. Candelario was added to the 2016 Cubs 40-man roster for their World Series run.

    The Cubs have got a surplus of great young infield talent. Candelario is good enough to get some games in with the Cubs next year. However his future is uncertain with Chicago. Candelario could help the Angels in the infield as the Angels don't really have a good young 3rd baseman other than Kaleb Cowart.

    Mark Zagunis - 23, OF, [2014 78th Overall - :cubs]

    Zangunis was selected by the Cubs in 2014 and has steadily built his way up to AAA. Zangunis would have success in the catchers role with the Boise Hawks before moving on to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in 2015 and seeing time in many different parts of the outfield. Zangunis was named an all-star in the Class A-Advanced Carolina League.

    In 2016 Zangunis would be promoted to the Tennessee Smokies of the Class AA Southern League where he hit .302 with an OPS of .860 in 51 games. Zangunis would be promoted to the Class AAA Iowa Cubs in June where he hit .274 with 25 RBIs and 12 doubles.

    The Angels outfield is pretty weak especially if Trout is traded. Zangunis is a guy that can play LF/CF/RF. Zangunis will need another stint with his AAA but the Cubs have transitioned him very well to a full time OF within the past 2 years. The main guys Maybin, Petit and Calhoun are getting old. Zagunis would give the Angels the depth in the OF that they need for the future alongside guys like Schwarber, Almora Jr., Jones and Marsh.

    Ian Happ - 22, 2B, [2015 9th Overall - :cubs]

    Upon being drafted as a highly anticipated prospect, Happ was assigned to Eugene Emeralds of the Class A -Short Season Northwest League. Then promoted to the South Bend Cubs of the Midwest League. Happ would send his first season playing parts of the outfield.

    In 2016 Happ was promoted to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans where he would play 2nd base regularly. Happ would hit an impressive .296 in 69 games being promoted to the AA Tennessee Smokies.
    Happ joined the Mesa Solar Sox of the Arizona Fall League at the end of the season in which he'd win the Championship.

    Happ is without a doubt the Cubs best prospect right now. At this point he'll be with the Iowa Cubs next year and is dabbed to make a huge impact when he hits the big leagues. Happ would be the Angels future 2nd baseman over Stewart and Fletcher. Happ is a great hitter with good baserunning who has transitioned well from the outfield to 2nd base. However with guys like Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell and more filling in the void at 2nd the Cubs depth and Happ's value would make it a smart piece to move in order to acquire a guy like Trout.

    Miguel Montero - 33, C, [Signed 2006 - :dbacks]
    Montero was an undrafted free agent signed by the D's. Montero would be Chris Snyder's backup for many years until Snyder fell due to injury and Montero sparked to a .294 batting average in 2009. Montero was named an All-Star in 2011 and 2014. The Cubs would need more depth and a bigger presence in the catching role as they traded Jeferson Mejia and Zack Godley for Miggy Monts. Montero would have a steady tenure with the Cubs, catching for Jake Arrieta and hitting dingers.

    Days after the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, Montero expressed a divide between him and Joe Maddon over the way he was being used during the 2016 playoffs as Maddon often went with the Ross-Contreras duo when he could've inserted Montero multiple times. The Angels have two young catchers in Jett Bandy and Carlos Perez in which they can go by but Montero gives them depth and a veteran presence in that spot. His eye to throw out baserunners and his power hitting makes him a valuable addition for a couple of years. His contract ends in 2018 which meshes in well with when the Angels are ready to bring up their highly touted catching prospect Taylor Ward.

    :cubs - The Chicago Cubs acquire

    Mike Trout - 25, CF, [2009 25th Overall - :angels]

    Trout was drafted in 2009 at 25th using the Yankees compensation pick. Trout started off with the Arizona Angels of the rookie-level Arizona League where he hit .360 with a .418 OBP and .506 SLG with a home run, 25 RBIs and 13 stolen bases. He would move on to the Cedar Rapid Kernels of the Class A Midwest League. In 2010 he hit .362 with 6 homeruns, 39 RBIs and 45 stolen bases in 82 games. He would play in the All-Star Futures game and be promoted to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes of the Class A-Advanced California League as his value started to spark. Trout would be the youngest to win the J.G. Taylor Spink award as the Topps Minor League Player of the Year.

    By 2011, many prominent lists would have him as the top prospect in the MLB. Trout would move on to the Arkansas Travelers of the Class AA Texas League where he would dominate yet again with 9 home runs, 27 RBIs and 28 stolen bases and a .324 average in 75 games. Trout would get the jump to the big leagues replacing injured CF Peter Boujors. He would hit .163 with a homer and 6 hits in his first 12 games with the Angels before being sent back to AA. In 2012 Trout would play on the Salt Lake Bees of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League. Trout hit .403 with a .467 on-base percentage, and a .623 slugging percentage in 20 games. Trout led the Angels in batting average, runs scored, hits, triples, stolen bases, total bases, base on balls, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and on-base plus slugging despite not playing a full season. Trout's .326 average, 30 home runs, 129 runs scored and 49 stolen bases landed him the AL ROTY award. However his high, insane and unlikely WAR of 10.5 had him in talks with Cabrera for the AL MVP which he would eventually lose out on.

    Trout would be an All-Star in 2013 and would finish with a WAR of 9.2. Trout would yet again be the runner up in AL MVP voting. Trout would sign a 6 year $144.5 mil contract and would follow that up as the 2014 All-Star MVP and the 2014 AL MVP. In 2015 Trout's line would be .299/.402/.590/.991. with his 4th Silver Slugger Award. Trout would be the runner up for the 3rd time to AL MVP winner Josh Donaldson.

    "In 159 games of 2016, Trout led the MLB with walks (116), runs scored (123), and on-base percentage (.441). He also had a .315 batting average, 29 home runs, 30 stolen bases, and 100 RBI." Mike Trout would beat out Jose Altuve and Mookie Betts for the 2016 AL MVP, his 2nd only at the age of 25.

    Here we have the best player in baseball without a doubt. Rarely do you see a player average .306 throughout his career. After this season and his 2nd MVP award, the debate on Harper/Trout is lopsided with no one being close to Trout's dominance.
    - Trout would be the main man in center field with Fowler out and Almora going the other way.
    - The Cubs would hit Trout at leadoff followed by Rizzo and Bryant / 3 of the top 10 players in the league coming right at you.
    Trout then Rizzo then Bryant. Let that sink in.
    - Zobrist, Russell, Contreras, Heyward would follow them up as they're all under team control till 2019.
    - The best player in baseball on the projected top team for now and the next 6, 7 years could earn Trout the Championship he needs to put him up their with the best
    - A possible dynasty and a talented supporting cast for Trout throughout his career could slightly elevate his game and make him the best baseball player to ever play the game.

    So in recap
    :angels Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baéz, Albert Almora Jr., Jeimer Candelario, Mark Zagunis, Ian Happ and Miguel Montero
    :cubs Mike Trout

    The Angels give up the hottest product in baseball to give them a hopeful quick rebuild with promising potential and talent.
    The Cubs lose all their depth and flexibility used to win the 2016 World Series to add the best player in baseball to the best team in baseball.

    Would you do this?

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    No, Baez was great during the playoffs, so was Schwarber. They would also be giving up their best prospects along with Baez and Schwarber. Imo the deal just isn't worth it for the Cubs. I know that trout is unbelievable and is the best player in baseball but this seems like too much on The Cubs part.
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    probably wouldn't happen in a parallel universe as well
  4. James Dunn24

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    I would not do this if I was the Cubs
  5. Leafer


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    Wouldn't do it if I was the Cubs. Would keep the team.
  6. Crossfit Jesus

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    Rather would more key players on a team then one tbh.

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