Legacy [XBOX 360] Hanley Roster Version 1.0!

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    Hello all! For those who haven't been following, I have been making a roster for NHL Legacy Edition that is fully updated to the 2016-17 NHL season. I am happy to announce that I have (finally!) completed this roster after weeks of work.


    The Free Agent list has been dwindled down to right around 35 players, from over 200!!!
    NHL ->Fully updated rosters as of 12/11/2016, and some prospects created (still searching for good CAPs of some 2016 draft prospects)
    -Please note that players who are under contract, but will probably never play in the NHL again, have been removed from the game. If you wish to have them back, let me know, and I will put them back in.
    AHL ->Some fully updated rosters (5 teams out of 30)
    Europe -> Only notable prospects updated
    CHL -> Only notable prospects updated
    2017 Draft ->Some prospects created/edited (still searching for some good CAPs of some prospects)
    World Cup of Hockey -> Authentic Rosters bring the 6 hockey superpowers, Team North America (replaces Great Britain), and the Team Europe (replaces Poland) together in a clash for the gold.

    Milestone NHL Legends - A full roster of the best of the best to ever appear in an EA Sports hockey game. Featuring Gretzky, Lidstrom, Roy, and more!
    Rookies - Play with the best first-timers of the 2016 NHL Season.
    SKA St. Petersburg - the KHL's Superpower makes its debut in an EA Sports Hockey game. Fully authentic rosters, jerseys (the best I could make them), jersey numbers, and more!
    2BC All Stars - You signed up. You got in. Our favourite users from this very site have come to play, and they are NOT going down easy.
    Secret Teams - EA Sports has hidden two secret teams in the game, that are supposed to be used as fill-ins for EASHL games - aptly named EASHL1 and EASHL2. I have given them jerseys, and an ice rink, and have brought them into the game. I did not change a thing about the players.
    Las Vegas Golden Knights - Play with TSN's most recent mock draft for the NHL's 31st franchise, set to play in the 2017-18 season.

    Authentic Olympic Rosters
    - Why stop at just the WCOH? See what it's like to play for the Host South Korean team, or redo the Olympic Qualifiers with some of the Top Teams in the IIHF.
    Authentic AHL Rosters - I'm not done at 5. Let's make the 2nd-tier North American League authentic too.
    Authentic European Rosters - Adding more authenticity to this release
    More accurate potentials/ratings - Making the game a little more realistic, for simulation's sake.
    NHL 2017 Draft - Adding notable prospects deep into the 2017 draft is a must... this roster IS GM Mode/BAP compatible, after all.
    More Secret/Fantasy Teams
    - EA has hidden a LOT more than just a couple of EASHL hosers and Hall of Famers hidden away. I plan to expose as much of EA's secret guys as feasibly possible.


    How to install:
    Step 1: Download and Install Horizon
    Step 2: Format a USB Stick (recommended 16GB, that's what I use) to your Xbox 360, then plug it in to your computer.
    Step 3: Open Horizon. You should see that it recognizes your USB Stick immediately. If not, trying running it as an Administrator (right click Horizon.exe and click "Run as Administrator"). Horizon may ask you to sign up for it's services. It has no harm, so just do it with any e-mail address you want.
    Step 4: Right click on the folder called "Games" on the right side-bar, then click "Inject File", and select the "ROSTER20161221143924" File you just downloaded.
    Step 5: Plug in to your Xbox 360, and Copy the file onto your Xbox Hard Drive.
    Step 6: Launch NHL Legacy, go to Customize -> Save/Load/Delete -> Load -> Rosters, and select "Hanley Roster"
    Step 7: Play and Enjoy!
    If this process does not work, please contact me, I'd love to help you out.

    I hope to have Roster Version 1.1 done for the Trade Deadline, though with me getting NHL 17 soon, and the pressures of school being a factor, I might not get that done.

    Thanks for viewing this thread! I'll put a FAQ after this post, and you can leave me any questions you have in the thread here below.
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    Q: Why did you bring down the number of players in Free Agency?
    A: Mainly because there were a lot of players nobody really used. Condensing the list as much as possible makes Free Agency a lot easier to use.

    Q: How did you decide who stays in Free Agency, and who doesn't?
    A: If a player is playing for a league outside of EA's rosters, is retired, or is under 77 overall, he will not appear in Free Agency.

    Q: Where did you put all of the removed Free Agents?
    A: EA Sports has put in a secret team called "Hidden", which is normally inaccessible in-game, similar to the two EASHL teams. This team is filled with players that will never appear in-game. The list of those players is currently sitting at over 500, as of 1.0.

    Q: How did you find the NHL Legends?
    A: They were hidden on the "Hidden Team Roster".

    Q: How did you get players on/off the "Hidden Roster"?
    A: A great program made my Artem Khassanov called NHLViewNG, and a HECKTON of fiddling around.

    Q: Something's wrong with <Insert Player name here>!
    A: Please let me know exactly what's wrong, I'll try to fix it as soon as I possibly can. :)

    Q: Some teams' names are completely blank!
    A: I know. This is just how EA Sports works; with the exception of created teams, for some reason, when editing a team's name, the name goes Blank in-game. It is, however, still sorted as the name I entered in (i.e. Team Europe appears blank, but still sorts as Europe in the menus). This is a problem that I have no idea how to fix, and will probably never be fixed.

    Q: I didn't get in on the 2bc All Star Team!
    A: That's your own dang fault. You snooze, you lose.

    Q: Can you make a version for PS3?
    A: No. Mainly this is because I have no idea how to convert the roster file so that the PS3 and read it, and I don't want to remake the ENTIRE roster on another PS3 Legacy file.

    Q: Can you make a version for <Insert past NHL Game Here>?
    A: No. Same reason as above. For Next gen games (Xbox One and PS4), file sharing isn't allowed, so at this point, making a version for next-gen consoles is out of the question. This update is solely intended to keep people who don't yet have a next-gen console with updated rosters so that they don't have to make them themselves.

    Q: How long will this roster update keep going for?
    A: I have no idea, to be honest. I want to keep going until after next season (start of 2018-19). We'll see how that works out.

    If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, let me know. :)
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    I would like to thank you for creating this, sound so cool! I am having problems getting this game save to show up on my USB flash drive after it is installed on horizon. I inject the file with horizon to my XBOX 360 configured USB flash drive and it saves it ok to the USB drive. But, then on my xbox 360, the Hanley roster 1.0 file does not even show up on the flash drive that the file was saved with horizon. Any idea why? I hope you can help me with this.
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    do you have an up to date copy of your roster to download. that would be much appreciated. thanks in advance

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