Yearly Draft Picks #111 (Part 30)

Discussion in 'Prospects/Draft' started by Stephen A. Smith, Jan 8, 2017.

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    #111 hopefully there will be one decent guy.
    1996- :tml RW Brandon "Sugar" Sugden GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    1997- :tml LW Frantisek Mrazek GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    1998- :det LW Brent Hobday GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    1999- :sjs LW Willie Levesque GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2000- :buf G Ghyslain Rousseau GP-0 W-0 L-0 OTL/T-0
    2001- :bos G Matti Kaltiainen GP-0 W-0 L-0 OTL/T-0
    2002- :edm C Jonas Almtorp GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2003- :van C Brandon Nolan GP-6 G-0 A-1 P-1
    2004- :min LW Ryan Jones GP-334 G-54 A-46 P-100
    2005- :cal RW J.D Watt GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2006- :tml D Korbinian Holzer GP-87 G-2 A-10 P-12
    2007- :pit LW Luca Caputi GP-35 G-3 A-6 P-9
    2008- :nyr RW Dale Weise GP-329 G-37 A-49 P-86
    2009- :cal C Henrik Bjorklund GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2010- :det LW Teemu Pulkkinen GP-70 G-11 A-9 P-20
    2011- :arz LW Kale Kessy GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2012- :phi D Fredic Larsson GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2013- :chi D Robin Norell GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2014- :edm G Zach Nagelvoort GP-0 W-0 L-0 OTL-0
    2015- :min G Ales Stezka GP-0 W-0 L-0 OTL-0
    2016- :sjs C Noah Gregor GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0

    Most 111th Overall Picks- :tml 3
    Most Position Picked- Left Wing 7
    Most Games Played- R. Jones 334
    Most Goals- R. Jones 54
    Most Assists- D. Weise 49
    Most Points- R. Jones 100
    Best Player Currently IMO- Dale Weise
    Best Player of the Future IMO- Noah Gregor (Pulkkinen is done IMO)

    Not a good list at all, but at least we got some decent guys. Next pick will be #71.

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