Yearly Draft Picks #71 (Part 31)

Discussion in 'Prospects/Draft' started by Stephen A. Smith, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Number Evgeni Malkin!
    1996- :mon RW Arron Asham GP-789 G-94 A-114 P-208 PIMS-1004
    1997- :pit D Josef Melichar GP-349 G-7 A-42 P-49
    1998- :car LW Erik Cole GP-892 G-265 A-267 P-532
    1999- :arz C Jason Jaspers GP-9 G-0 A-1 P-1
    2000- :van C Thatcher Bell GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2001- :mon C Tomas Plekanec GP-843 G-216 A-337 P-553
    2002- :ana D Brian Lee (Not the Ottawa one) GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2003- :cbj D Dmitri Kosmachev GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2004- :buf D Andrej Sekera GP-567 G-37 A-152 P-189
    2005- :dalLW Rich Clune GP-139 G-7 A-15 P-22 PIMS-327
    2006- :bos LW Brad Marchand GP-454 G-153 A-135 P-288
    2007- :flo RW Evgenii DADONOV!!! GP-55 G-10 A-10 P-20
    2008- :ana LW Josh Brittain GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2009- :edm D Troy Hesketh GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2010- :col LW Michael Bournival GP-89 G-10 A-9 P-19
    2011- :van G David Honzik GP-0 W-0 L-0 OTL-0
    2012- :tbl C Tanner Richard GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2013- :mon LW Connor Crisp GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2014- :nj RW Connor Chatham GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2015- :col C Jean-Christophe Beaudin GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0
    2016- :col D Josh Anderson GP-0 G-0 A-0 P-0

    Most 71st Overall Picks- :col, :mon 3
    Most Position Picked- Defender, Left Wing 6
    Most Games Played- E. Cole 892
    Most Goals- E. Cole 265
    Most Assists- T. Plekanec 337
    Most Points- T. Plekanec 553
    Best Player Currently IMO- Brad Marchand
    Best Player of the Future IMO- Still Brad Marchand

    Well this was much better than expected. Although, ever since 2007 there really hasn't been anyone who was decent. Still though, not bad for a 3rd round pick to get players like Marchand, Plekanec, Sekera, and Cole. Two famous enforcers as well.
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    Asham and who? and yet marchand best player now and future can't believe we got im in the 3rd round what a steal
  3. Stephen A. Smith

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    Asham and Clune.
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    Ayyy Sekera. One of the few players still in the league who played for Buffalo during the Sabres golden years.

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